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We maintain a close management approach in our day to day operations. Nonetheless, our manpower has the efficiency and competence in dealing with various security and safety situations with tact and protocol-compliant. Our dealings are ensured to have been in accordance with the instructions and mandate of the clients and of the government legislation.


AL Qaleah security is here to ensure the Security and Safety of your people, assets, and premises through the following

Manned Security Services

Providing experienced and well-trained security guards, male or female, and bouncers. Plus 24/7 supervision, fulfilling the customers’ needs by securing the people and premises in highly professional manners.

Static/Perimeter Guarding Services

The security personnel will be deployed in different areas around or inside the premises permanently as per the designed security plan to avoid any breach of the procedures and protocols.

Lady Guards Services

Al Qaleah Security Services provides female security officers with excellent experience and knowledge of security rules to manage their roles in all sectors, such as reception areas, access points, and all types of female events.

Roving Patrols

The security personnel of Al Qaleah are qualified and trained to perform different types of patrols at their deployment sites, such as vehicular patrol, cycle patrol, and foot patrol, to cover the wide areas of big sites, ensure the security plans are implemented and maintained well, and report any suspicious movement or activity within their assignments.

Access Control and Reception

The security personnel must maintain and follow the security plans via proper control of the access points and allowing authorized people to enter via the reception and other areas; hence, access for authorities will be subject to approvals and permissions.

Control Room Management

The control room team is coordinating with the guard force and patrolling supervisors to ensure the high quality of services for all the respective customers and manage the daily operations perfectly.

24-Hour Emergency Response Assistance Services

During any emergencies, the deployed team and patrolling supervisors are ready to support in any situation; hence, for any extra response required, the contingency plan will be activated.

CCTV Operator and BMS Operator Service

These types of services play a very important role in the security field to safeguard people and premises via monitoring the installed cameras and building management systems. Where our security personnel are trained and experienced to use such systems effectively.

Event Security Management & Deployment

The security personnel of AQSS managed many international and local events in QATAR, such as the Legend League, GGC, ICC, etc. For any event, we will design the security plan and the required number of staff to secure the event and make it more successful.

Event Risk Assessment

The operations team, with their deep knowledge and experience in the security field, will help the event organizer secure their events smoothly by highlighting all the possible risks with suitable responses and actions.

Traffic & Parking Management

For long- and short-term services, managing traffic and parking is a challenge, but with AQSS staff and their experience, all the solutions are available and will be implemented to solve the possible issues.

Provision for Security Screening Tools & Equipment

AQSS provides and uses high-quality security equipment (X-ray machines, WTMDs, HHMDs, radios, etc.) to enable our staff to manage their tasks smoothly and avoid any security breaches.

Liaison with Public Authorities (MOI, Civil Defense)

During any emergency or accident, AQSS will liaise with the concerned departments or authorities to get the required support and avoid any losses.

Ticket Checking and Badge Issuance

During the events, AQSS staff are the first in line to check tickets. For long-term contracts, we take care of issuing badges to the respective visitors for smooth access control.

Crowd Control / Close Protection

The respective guards and bouncers are supporting all types of activities by controlling the crowd and providing CPO for VIPs as well to ensure their security and safety.

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We Are Qualified & Professional

Security Guaranteed

Security guaranteed is crucial in today's world to protect against potential threats and ensure the safety of individuals and businesses.

Modern Equipments

It has become essential to have reliable security services in place to monitor, detect, and prevent threats in real-time.

High Quality Services

Trained professionals, advanced technology, personalized solutions, and effective communication.

Years of Experience

Our experience has enabled us to develop efficient and effective security strategies to mitigate potential risks and threats, ensuring the safety of our clients at all times.


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